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Swayambhunath Temple monks
Church at Sheperds Field
Ruins of Lal Kot
San Raphael,Port
Monte Carlo
Palace of Prince of Monaco
Glendalough, Meadow & Tower
La Sagrada Familia
San Francisco Based on Robert Franks and the Americans
Manipulated image, based on Cezanne's still life with cherries and peaches
Images of fire not seen by the naked eye
Jeans Garden
prickly flower
Point Pinos on Californias coast
Mom in her living room
Yellow Lines

Welcome to Sean O'Cairde's Website

Fineart photography starts with slides of images in different Galleries. Each Gallery has its own collection of images. Gallery Creative Ideas, are images from abstract, built from ideas of painters and photgraphers, digitally manipulated by photoshop. Gallery Landscape will bring you to places like Yosemite and the California coastline images. Gallery Documentary is a project on my mothers last days,California Lighthouses, and Memorials Gallery Travel, are images taken on international travel Ireland,India. A country like Ireland has its own collection of towns, My aim is to tell the story of each town, streets, rivers, churchs and monuments, often its said that a photo will tell a story of a thousand word. But in this instance a thousand images fail to tell the story of Irish towns. My adventure in India took 15days from New Delhi to Nepal, Come look and experience my travel to these places. All images are family friendly. Browse through the galleries for more images…

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    Church, Beit Sahour

    Church, Beit Sahour, Israel

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